What is the Texas Heartland Project?

The Texas Heartland Project is something we're very excited about here at The Carpenter Group.  For years we have seen bad Mechanic's Liens destroy business deals and cause Texas Homeowners undeserved misery, headaches, and heartaches.  In most cases, the property owners didn't even realize the Lien was invalid, yet it continued to cloud the title to their property unchallenged.  With that in mind, our firm set out to find a way to accomplish three tasks:

1.  Help Texas Property Owners by having these Liens removed and clear the title to their property.

2.  Remove the Liens with no out of pocket expense to the Property Owners.  After all, they should not have to pay for removing a Non-Conforming Lien.

3.  Find a way to make the filer of the Non-Conforming Lien pay for the court costs, attorney's fees and our overhead.

Thanks to well written laws enacted to protect the sanctity of Texan's Homesteads and other properties by the Texas Legislature, along with  the efforts of top notch legal professionals, we have been able to make this a reality.   This is for real.  If you have a Mechanic's Lien clouding your property's title Contact Us NOW at  972-617-7131. 

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